The Complete Hospital Information Management System (HIMS ERP Software) solution

The world’s population surpassed 7 billion in 2011 and is expected to reach 9.3 billion by 2050. Our natural resources are on the blink and new preventable and infectious diseases are on the rise, however with this new rate of growth in population Hospitals are finding it difficult to cope with the large volume of patients.
There clearly seems to be a gap between the ability to accommodate each patient and the ability to serve each patient comprehensively. We at BirlaMediSoft dug deeper to understand the core issues faced in Hospital management.
Equipped with the knowledge and being a health care IT consultancy we quickly understood that although many Hospitals have been digitized, there were far too many that were not. Healthcare software, we realized, was the cornerstone of the problem.
Our study showed many Hospitals had equipment based software such as a radiology information system or pathology management software but the problem lied in the fact that Hospital software’s functioned independently. There was no interaction or interface between the software’s. There was no complete Hospital Information Management System (HIMS ERP Software) solution. Each vendor provided their own software and Hospitals found it difficult to cope and rely on multiple systems. Patients found it cumbersome to have to go to ends of the Hospitals to collect reports.
Birlamedisoft Quanta WebHIMS ERP suite was designed with the purpose of overcoming such obstacles and many more faced by Hospitals today. Over time Birlamedisoft Quanta WebHIMS ERP suite has gained the reputation of being one of the leading web based Hospital management information system software in India.
WebHIMS ERP was designed to accommodate an exhaustive array of modules covering a wide range of features. The hospital management software is user friendly, highly versatile, easily installable and completely database driven.
In conclusion, due to the rise in population and with the current rise in fatalities due to diseases, to be able to service the volume of people, we feel the approach towards solving the problem must change at the core. Building a larger Hospital can only provide accommodation for more patients, servicing those patients efficiently is the problem that needs to be addressed. Hospitals that run on paper-based information processing or independent software’s with multiple vendors need to consider switching to a more stable and reliable HIMS ERP Software such as Birlamedisoft Quanta WebHIMS ERP.

Hospital Software all modules demo and Presantation : You Tube



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