Hospital Management System (PLUS) is a complete Hospital Information and Electronic Medical Record system which is fully integrated with basic Open ERP modules like Sales & Purchase Management, Accounting, Invoicing, Products, Dashboard and Reports. This module not only contains all the functionality of our famous Hospital Management System (HIMS) module but also have additional features like Lab Management, Invoicing, Surgery & Gynecology Management and Pediatrics & Neonatology Management.

Hospital management system

Package contains following functionalities: 1) Main Module:

  • Strong focus in family medicine and Primary Health Care.
  • Store and manage complete detail of any patient with his medical history.
  • Major interest in Socio-economics (housing conditions, substance abuse, education…).
  • Diseases and Medical procedures standards (like ICD-10 / ICD-10-PCS …).
  • Patient Genetic and Hereditary risks : Over 4200 genes related to diseases (NCBI / Genecards).
  • Epidemiological and other statistical reports.
  • 100% paperless patient examination and history taking.
  • Patient Administration (creation, evaluations / consultations, history … ).
  • Easy Appointment Management using extensive OpenERP Calendar view.
  • Doctor Administration.
  • Lab Administration.
  • Medicine / Drugs information.
  • Medical stock and supply chain management.
  • Hospital Financial Administration.
  • Designed with industry standards in mind.
  • Generate useful medical reports related to patients and diseases from various sections in single click.

2) Genetic Risks:

  • Family history, hereditary risks and genetic disorders. We included the NCBI and Genecard information, more than 4200 genes associated to diseases.

3) Lifestyle:

  • Eating habits and diets
  • Sleep patterns
  • Drug / alcohol addictions
  • Physical activity (workout / excercise )
  • Sexuality and sexual behaviours

4) Socioeconomics: It takes care of the input of all the socio-economic factors that influence the health of the individual / family and society. Among others, we include the following factors :

  • Living conditions
  • Educational level
  • Infrastructure (electricity, sewers, … )
  • Family affection ( APGAR )
  • Drug addiction
  • Hostile environment
  • Teenage Pregnancy
  • Working children

5) Inpatient Hospitalization Management:

  • Patient Registration
  • Bed reservation
  • Hospitalization
  • Nursing Plan
  • Discharge Plan
  • Reporting

6) World Health Organization International Classification of Diseases – ICD-10 & Procedure Coding System  7) Lab test, reports and POS management 8) Invoice Management:

  • Create and manage invoices for Lab test, Appointments and Prescription.
  • Invoice of multiple appointments at a time.

9) Gynecology Management:

  • Gynecological & Obstetric Information.
  • Perinatal Information and Puerperium monitoring.

10) Surgical, Pediatrics & Neonatology Management:

  • Pediatrics Systems Checklist
  • ASGAR Score Test
  • Newborn Management

If you want more details Hospital software open this link


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