We are into Healthcare field since 2001

Birlamedisoft’s Software R&D Chief Dr.Upma Birla, MS, (OBGyn) is a Practicing Doctor and a active Medical software consultant in the Company. Writing software for the Healthcare industry is as complex and challenging as the profession itself that is why the specialist domain knowledge gives them that ‘entree’ advantage to develop cutting edge products for the Healthier industry. They have that, which is needed, to run a practice in the most efficient and profitable way (or the smart way), viz. ‘The Birlamedisoft way to better health’, (for, both, the doctor and the patient). Birlamedisoft has successfully brought under one roof, a suite of ‘smart’ Healthcare related software programs, that will help to make life a little easier for the hard pressed and harassed Healthcare professionals. Birlamedisoft is a Pune based software development company. The Company has been working on healthcare solutions software since 2001. We have developed a good deal of competencies in this field. The sum total of our experience has been packaged in our proprietary software products, marketed under the Birlamedisoft brand name.

Get more information send me mail – drupma@birlamedisoft.com / info@birlamedisoft.com



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