Type of Laboratory Management Software Stores


Laboratory Management System is the integrated part of medical software and laboratory management software solutions which allows the user to add all the tests conducted in the labs and pathology section of the hospital. It is laboratory management software, combination of both laboratory and information science which contains several features to support a modern laboratory operation. It is a software solution which is the combination of HIMS and pathology department. By using pathology software, the user assigns test for the patient as per the doctor recommendation, generate barcode for the samples, schedule the appointments, and generate report for of the patient. The client can view online demo as it is web based software. The software can be modified as per the requirement of the client. This type of laboratory management software stores the details of the patient from the date of entry to dispatch. It involves simple sample tracking to an enterprise resource planning tools that manages multiple aspects of laboratory informatics.

Generally the Laboratory management system includes assay of data management, data mining, data analysis and electronic laboratory notebook.

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5 comments on “Type of Laboratory Management Software Stores

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