Laboratory Information Management System-LIMS

Depending on the hospital size, medical laboratories perform many tests every day. In order to keep track of test requests, sample processing and result dissemination, many laboratories depend on software. This software is known in labs as Laboratory Management System. Laboratory software framework offers a holistic solution for efficient and streamlined management of labs performance. With centralized resource management and control, reservation and scheduling capabilities and simple creation of topologies and automated procedures, it optimizes lab performance, saving considerable time and effort.


Laboratory information systems are computer software used to track the ordering, processing and result of laboratory tests. In a medical laboratory, this software may include modules for billing and patient demographics as well. Very advanced systems are automated to the point where they drive the functions of robotic instruments with minimal human interaction.

Such type of software is used to reduce the amount of human errors that occurred when labs were managed manually. The occurrence of such errors would result in the loss of important data. Moreover, the time taken to manually manage samples, lab data and other lab information would take too much time. Overall, the efficiency of labs needed to be improved drastically, which resulted in many individualized solutions for specific labs. This software was created with the basic aim of improving the efficiency of laboratory operations.

More efficient and productive : Laboratory Information Management System, Web Based Hospital Information System

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