Hospital administration in India

Health systems administrators oversee create and implement all health care policies and programs for a community. This may include a medical community (e.g., working within a specific hospital) or a municipal community (e.g., county health care administrator). Health systems administration professionals are responsible for all areas of a healthcare system. This includes developing and implementing programs, managing budgets and supervising staff members.

Hospital administration encompasses planning and executing the day-to-day operations of hospitals, outpatient centers, hospices and drug-treatment facilities. From overseeing human resources and recruitment, to implementing scientific research programs, hospital administrators play a vital role in coordinating the activities of physicians, medical staff and governing boards. Although hospital administration does not entail working directly with patients, administrators evaluate the quality of health care services delivered to patients on a daily basis.

Hospital administration also supervises information technology departments and ensures that patient records are updated and secure. A significant portion of hospital administrators’ time is spent keeping abreast of the latest government regulations and making sure their hospital complies with legislative requirements. In addition to developing quality-control programs and enforcing hospital policies, hospital administrators serve as the main liaison between board members, medical personnel and department supervisors.

The ability to make strategic and sound decisions is a key asset in hospital administration. Managing the affairs of departments as disparate as finance and IT requires not only effective decision-making abilities, but also strong networking, analytical and leadership skills. Hospital administrations must possess a thorough understanding of finance, information systems and data analysis. Moreover, professionals working in hospital administration must possess a bachelor’s or master’s degree in public health, business administration, health sciences, health services administration or a related discipline to be considered for a health administration position.


Easy access to patient data to generate different records.

  • Decision support system
  • Efficient and Accurate administration of finance
  • Improved monitoring of drug usages
  • Enhanced information integrity

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