Unique Features/Benefits of using Epathlab software India

Epathlab.com is an online Laboratory Management Software which is affordable, easy to use, cloud based, online lab reporting software is available in the market today.

Some of the unique features/benefits of using Epathlab software are as follows:
*        Web based application, can be operated through internet, can be operated using desktop, laptop, tablets and smart phones (virtually brings your lab operations in pocket)
*        Low Investment & maintenance Cost
*        User friendly web based application, operation is easy for the end user, Integrated with all depts. of Laboratory
*        No papers, complete test report is available online, creating paperless laboratory
*        Saves Money, Manpower & Time
*        Allows entering the clinical sample details, generates the MIS reports i.e., analysis report/monthly report/yearly reports etc.
*        Verifying & examining of reports anywhere anytime, using Internet.
*        Allows electronic safe and secured (Virus free, system crash free) recording of data
*        Billing, Accounts, Inventory modules included
*        Interface with Lab Instruments possible.
*        Unlimited Multi user access
*        Compliant to NABL, CAP, HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11 Guidelines
*        Unlimited Patient Entries
*        Email reporting facility
*        SMS alerts


12 Months subscription:         Rs. 25,000 for 1 year access / USD 500
6 Months subscription:                Rs. 15,000 for 6 months access / USD 300
3 Months subscription:                 Rs. 12,000 for 3 month access / USD 200
1 Month subscription:                 Rs. 5,000 for 1 month access / USD 100

Add on cost
1.        Instrument interfacing
        Rs. 20,000 for Unidirectional Interfacing / USD 400
        Rs. 40,000 Bidirectional Interfacing / USD 800

2.        Rs. 2,000 for SMS pack of 10,000 SMS.

Trial Period
Register your lab name on http://www.epathlab.com, you can use the software for 10 days free of cost.  

Note: 100 no of random customers will receive epathlab.com membership absolutely FREE for 1 year duration, so apply immediately.


If you are looking for Laboratory Information Management System It is here

We have commissioned our top of the line “Maxim LIS” software to more than 50 Diagnostics centers & Labs in India alone. We have our international clientele who use LIS as an integral part of the HIMS solutions installed by us as well. Our basket of LIS solutions includes: 

1. Laboratory Information System

2. Radiology Information System

3. Pathology software for small labs

4. Interfacing software for lab equipment

5. PACS software, Kindly visit www.maxim-pacs.com

Hospital management system – Payroll/LIMS/Billing Module

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Hospital management system is web based and PC desktop software (Client server )This software developed by All Operating systems, Web Technology, Microsoft .net framework and all Languages(C#,VB,.Net, Java)This is a Healthcare software helps to Hospitals, Laboratory, Blood banks and Medical software all modules.

Open this video for HIMS Presentation :- 

Hospital management system – Payroll/LIMS/Billing Module


HIMS Presentation

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We are into Healthcare field since 2001

Birlamedisoft’s Software R&D Chief Dr.Upma Birla, MS, (OBGyn) is a Practicing Doctor and a active Medical software consultant in the Company. Writing software for the Healthcare industry is as complex and challenging as the profession itself that is why the specialist domain knowledge gives them that ‘entree’ advantage to develop cutting edge products for the Healthier industry. They have that, which is needed, to run a practice in the most efficient and profitable way (or the smart way), viz. ‘The Birlamedisoft way to better health’, (for, both, the doctor and the patient). Birlamedisoft has successfully brought under one roof, a suite of ‘smart’ Healthcare related software programs, that will help to make life a little easier for the hard pressed and harassed Healthcare professionals. Birlamedisoft is a Pune based software development company. The Company has been working on healthcare solutions software since 2001. We have developed a good deal of competencies in this field. The sum total of our experience has been packaged in our proprietary software products, marketed under the Birlamedisoft brand name.

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Type of Laboratory Management Software Stores


Laboratory Management System is the integrated part of medical software and laboratory management software solutions which allows the user to add all the tests conducted in the labs and pathology section of the hospital. It is laboratory management software, combination of both laboratory and information science which contains several features to support a modern laboratory operation. It is a software solution which is the combination of HIMS and pathology department. By using pathology software, the user assigns test for the patient as per the doctor recommendation, generate barcode for the samples, schedule the appointments, and generate report for of the patient. The client can view online demo as it is web based software. The software can be modified as per the requirement of the client. This type of laboratory management software stores the details of the patient from the date of entry to dispatch. It involves simple sample tracking to an enterprise resource planning tools that manages multiple aspects of laboratory informatics.

Generally the Laboratory management system includes assay of data management, data mining, data analysis and electronic laboratory notebook.

Get more information about HIMS, LIS, HIPAA, ERP Software.

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Laboratory Information Management System-LIMS

Depending on the hospital size, medical laboratories perform many tests every day. In order to keep track of test requests, sample processing and result dissemination, many laboratories depend on software. This software is known in labs as Laboratory Management System. Laboratory software framework offers a holistic solution for efficient and streamlined management of labs performance. With centralized resource management and control, reservation and scheduling capabilities and simple creation of topologies and automated procedures, it optimizes lab performance, saving considerable time and effort.


Laboratory information systems are computer software used to track the ordering, processing and result of laboratory tests. In a medical laboratory, this software may include modules for billing and patient demographics as well. Very advanced systems are automated to the point where they drive the functions of robotic instruments with minimal human interaction.

Such type of software is used to reduce the amount of human errors that occurred when labs were managed manually. The occurrence of such errors would result in the loss of important data. Moreover, the time taken to manually manage samples, lab data and other lab information would take too much time. Overall, the efficiency of labs needed to be improved drastically, which resulted in many individualized solutions for specific labs. This software was created with the basic aim of improving the efficiency of laboratory operations.

More efficient and productive :- Laboratory Information Management System, Web Based Hospital Information System

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Diagnostics Centre in India

Each day our outpatient centers serve hundreds of patients in need of medical imaging and other radiology procedures. Physicians refer their patients to CDI because we offer exceptional quality in clinical services, images and diagnoses – which are critical to determining your care and treatment.
As one of the nation’s first outpatient imaging providers, CDI’s foundation is our uncompromising commitment to quality. Our centers are led by specialized physicians and staffed by highly trained, patient-focused associates. We are experts in imaging technology; thus we use only advanced imaging equipment, aiding our team in providing you and your doctor with the best possible results. Our goal is to provide the finest in imaging services – the right procedure, at the right time, for each individual patient.

We invite you to explore our Web site for more information on your or a loved one’s medical imaging or radiology procedure, on your local CDI center, or about our physicians or related information. Welcome to CDI. We’re glad to be of service to you.


The purpose of diagnostic centers is to detect harmful health conditions that may exist within the human body. Some problems, such as certain types of cancers, liver problems, kidney stones, gallstones and certain other maladies can only be detected through diagnostic imaging. Diagnostic centers commonly do DNA testing and MRI imaging on a regular basis. Some diagnostic services are provided through the use of mobile systems like the Mammovan, which screens for breast cancer.

Policies and Procedures (P & P) are practices that are set up to instruct personnel on how to perform operational tasks. P & Ps should answer why a task is being performed and how the task is expected to be completed. They are generally written for the purposes of operational management, regulatory compliance, accreditation standards and legal mandates.